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Saturday 15 Jun '24
Sunday 16 Jun '24


Make your wedding day even more memorable with the perfect getaway car. One of our classicโ€™s will have your guests turning heads. This final touch will also be the perfect accent for your special days photos.


Trying to find the perfect gift for your new grad? Show them how proud you are by getting them a cool car to drive to graduation in.


Looking to add something special to your next shoot? Create amazing vintage themes, calendar content or art projects with a unique twist.


These classics are the perfect prop or backdrop for any photoshoot. Create cool themes to make your next shoot unique & memorable. Perfect for any project!

A Classic for Every Occasion!

1966 in Kelowna, BC

Chrysler Newport

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1949 in Kelowna BC

Willys Jeep

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1970 in Edmonton, AB

Chevrolet Impala

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1966 in Kelowna, BC

Comet Caliente

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1972 in Fort Saskatchewan

Buick Skylark

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1968 in Calgary, AB

Chevrolet C 10 "Black Betty"

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